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Caring At Home Caregiver E-Learning: Virtual Support for Caregivers

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Supporting caregivers in different ways is important as families take on increased responsibilities in caring for their loved ones at home. To support caregivers seeking meaningful learning materials, access to a free, online learning library for caregivers is available through

Caregivers can access the online learning portal to gain new skills and information on such topics as:

Personal Care Brain Health

Dementia Expertise, like Teepa Snow Injury Prevention

Music Therapy Promoting Wellness

To support caregivers to sign up for the free account, agencies are encouraged to share communications and resources to help promote the program.

Connecting Caregivers to elearning - He
Download • 2.87MB

Elearning promo handout for caregiversAr
Download • 1.60MB

ELearning promo caregiver handout ver 2
Download • 2.28MB


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